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Field Day will be at Perry Field,

161 Oak Circle, Ocala.

More Information On Field Day At:


Click here for directions and map

We found out from working the QSO Party the following things and wanted to pass them on to you:

  1. The wind will blow constantly and tear up tents & covers. You need to secure (lash) them to a tree.

  2. There are adequate trees, however, you need to watch out where you set up because of ANTS! (huge, Texas and Florida sized ants!)

  3. Bug spray and a zapper ( & a 6 pack) would be nice, but not sure how it would affect the noise levels. There are LOADS of fleas and gnats.  A screened enclosure with a floor would be ideal.

  4. There are beautiful woodpeckers and critters other than cows out there, so bring a camera! (Sorry, no hunting of the cows for steaks.)

  5. There is an antenna exclusion zone (including radials) in front of the white house (trailer) or near either door. Don’t set anything up between the poles and trailer or from end to end of the trailer on the south side. (FYI – north side faces Ocala). Sorry, phone poles are off limits (permanent structure for antenna support at club station)

  6. The microwave is older than most of the club members (hi-hi), the icebox, coffee pot & air conditioner work great. The plumbing throughout needs to be repaired but it works, so everyone bring a 1 gallon jug of water for coffee – its easier to work with than small bottles. Cheaper too!

  7. You will need a spud gun or equivalent to get the dipole or other antennas into the trees. If the antenna is too low, you will not be able to work anything.

  8. Conditions were lousy on the air, as a result, the rhombic and log periodic were put to use & worked flawlessly (1.3 or less SWR), but no Perry Field antennas can be used during FD.

  9. Generator noise wasn’t that bad outside of the stations’ immediate area. When baffled towards the fields with a vehicle, it wasn’t perceptible.

  10. Bring food, beverages and snacks.

  11. The TV works and is able to pull in a digital signal (for weather alerts). A NOAA WX radio would be appreciated.

An ARRL Affiliated Club

An ARRL Special Services Club

Founded 1947


The next general membership meeting is on 

JUNE 23,2015 

Please bring the computer (laptop) you will be using for Field Day so the software can be updated.

at Green Clover Hall. The meeting format was changed as follows:

6:30 –  7:00 Meet & Greet, Elmer Session, etc. 7:00 – 7:30 Presentation – To be announced 7:30 – 8:00, General or business meeting.  8:00 – 8:10 – Short break 8:10 – Until Adjourned (around 8:45) Continuation of General Meeting Drawing for 50/50 at end of meeting, before adjournment

Click on this link for directions to Green Clover Hall

Put in  your point of origin and enter. 


Time is running out!!!

New for 2015. Sponsored by WB2UKX

*Carl has 3 contacts there now!* The bands are hot!! I made a contact there on Jan 9 using the log periodic at Perry Field. Just a reminder, both stations, Perry Field and Green Clover Hall, however, at Green Clover you need to bring your own antenna as the county trashed our BWD-90. They are open to all licensed club members and guests. Technician class is able to work a slim portion of 10 meters also on phone and all over on CW, but everything else needs a general class or higher. Don’t wait! Try it now. Contact any board member for more information on operating at Green Clover Hall or Perry Field.

Directions from Green Clover Hall to Perry Field 

It is a little more than 10 miles from GCH to Perry Field. Closer than driving to Belleview. Make the trip and enjoy the beautiful sunsets there as well!pf 1 sunset










Directions and a Map from Green Clover Hall to the EOC

The VE Coordinator for Marion County. Randy Patton, K3GRP, has agreed to take over the duties of that position. Next test session will be announced when the date has been established. It will be at the Marion County EOC. Check the testing tab for more information.

The Silver Springs Radio Club is a group of radio enthusiasts who seek to enjoy and explore all aspects of the amateur radio hobby and to provide benefits to the community in which we live.

We strive to serve all of our members in the best ways possible. Some of the many ways in which we do this we consider very important. Our key purposes: Friendship, Emergency Preparedness, Club Meetings, Special Events, Public Service, Net, Training License Exams, HamFest and Repeaters.

We lost our tower and Mosley antenna in a storm in July 2013

Board Meetings

are held at Green Clover Hall at 7:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month. The meetings are open to everyone, but there is not a general comment period during the meetings.

General Membership Meetings

are held on the third Tuesday of every month at Green Clover Hall, presently at 7:30 p.m. Please see above for more information

ARES® Meetings / SkyWarn

are currently held at the Marion County EOC Training Room in conjunction with the monthly MERT meeting. Starting time 9:00

Directions and a Map from Green Clover Hall to the EOC



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